This challenge is all about learning many new 'pieces' continuously each week, term and year.  It helps students to keep reading new notes and patterns of notes, strengthening sight reading.  New pieces are always fun to start and create a feeling of accomplishment in a measurable way. The '40' is derived from the fact that there are approximately 40 teaching weeks in a school year.

The 40 pieces can be any of the technical elements associated with a student's current level or connection with a current challenging larger piece.

Included are excrerpts of larger pieces, such as an 'A' section or a set number of bars.

Challenges can inculde pieces from grades below the currently studied grade. So a student studying Grade 3 pieces could have material drawn from Preliminary, Grade 1 or Grade 2 listed pieces.

Another fun list to draw pieces from is the student's own 'wish list' of songs and pieces - often the simplified arrangements which can then be embellished with more detail through improvisation.