Time for practice? Make it count!

Have you noticed what practise help is written in your note book?  

And have you also noticed that by the time you practise everything you need to THIS week, the pieces you have learned last term are practically forgotten?  

What about scales and arpeggios and all that other technical work—when are you supposed to practise that?  

Here’s a schedule you can follow.  It’s based on a thirty minute practise session. Try it this month and see how you go!

Warm up A favourite piece you have already finished   2 minutes
Technical Work Scales, broken cords, arpeggios, Hanon, Czerny exercises 5 minutes
Learn     The very latest pieces you are working on 10 minutes
Polish The pieces you need to get to performance or recording standard 8 minutes
Review Pieces you already know and play well 5 minutes

Remember, it’s not the AMOUNT of time you practise, it’s what you DO with the time! Use the time suggestions as a guide only.